About the Product.

Suitable to use with entomopatogen or macroorganisms, even if they are delicate

Our devices protects macroorganisms and other biocontrol products in uncontroled environments. against Sun insolation (UV), agressive storms, external predators.

Able to work in greenhouses or uncontrolled environments.

Open field agriculture and forestry industry.

It achieves a higher efficiency

Less applications are required.


As the devices are biodegradable, there’s no need of collecting them.

Reduction of costs of the whole system.

Easy and simple installation to reduce time and workload.

Protects bioproducts from predators and adverse weather conditions.

Horizontal rains, strong winds, UV rays and extreme temperatures.

We provide innovative designs to spread biocontrol worldwide as the most effective and profitable solution.

About Us.


To expand the use of biocontrol and open new markets by developing the most innovative solutions in every field of application.


To lead the design and innovation of biocontrol solutions for a sustainable world.

Company achievements

1. Patented innovations

2. Incubation in Khem

3. Finance support from ANII,
National Agency of Innovation and Investigation from Uruguay

4. Lab and Field testings with encouraging results.

Our devices are capable of working with different biocontrol products, in any environment, while ensuring the maximum efficiency.

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